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Ask Mirai Kageyama
Welcome to my ask blog~
----About me----
Age: 19
Blood type: AB
Hometown: ? ? ?
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 55 kg
Special Skills: ? ? ?
((I’m really sorry! Goodbye for now..))

((I’m becoming really inactive here and I’ve been becoming really busy lately. I’m thinking of closing this down or just stop rping.. Really terribly sorry. But maybe I’ll come back one day to answer the rest of the questions. Again, I’m really sorry >.<
Here’s my main tumblr:
 hope you all continue to play Voltage games! I know I will! One day, I’ll be making my own Otome Game! Have fun you guys! Love you! <3))

((I’m so sorry I’ve been really inactive >.< I have a lot to deal with right now and its too hard to find enough time to rp.. ^^; But I’ll be back! And I’ll be sure to rp a lot over breaks! For now, TTYL!~^o^~

-Mun~ <3))

winged-alchemist sent: Hey Mirai! How are you?

Me? I’m fine, thank you. How are you?


sophie-mikage sent: "Hello mirai my name is Sophie and I started to follow you please take care of me!" She bowed her head and raised it with a smile.

It is a pleasure to meet you, Sophie.~ *smiles*


soffie101 sent: (Not a question) Merry Christmas, Mirai~

I’m sorry for my late reply.
Merry Christmas!


hananotsuki sent: Actually I don't mind you teasing me... So Mirai-kun, are you doing something right now?

Nothing at the moment.


hananotsuki sent: Please don't laugh... I can't help it but to blush since you said something sweet as that...

I’m sorry. That was very immature of me to tease you like that.


Anonymous sent: Who is the better detective, Batman or Sherlock Holmes?

Difficult question. Mind throwing my name into the options? 


bashfulshizuka sent: "Nice to meet you" She says while looking toward the machines mirai pointed to. Shizuka then put her hand to her ear as if she was speaking into a headset"This is special agent shizuka it is all clear near the slot machines I'm moving in. "Shizuka sneaks up to the machines and ducks behind them and after waiting a bit she peers over them. She speaks into her headset again "Ah the roulette table is swamped with enemy agents should we abort mission?"

*puts his hand to his mouth* This is agent Mirai speaking. Roger that! *sneaks up behind* I bet we can get past them if we pass by stealthy. Lets move!

hananotsuki sent: N-N-Not at all. Anyways I'm Setsuka.

Hahaha but your cheeks are all red!